The Art of David Ho

David Ho was born a Virgo under the Chinese horoscope of the Rooster. He has been an artist for the past 15 years and a digital artist for the past 10. Many people have asked him why he creates his dark imagery, and his response is that theres only one reason - to unleash and express his demons. As a form of "self therapy", he enters another dimension, a dimension where all of his angers, fears, desires and frustrations are expressed freely without inhibition. Though this world is of the fantastic, many of the themes he explores are nonetheless based on his observations of the realities of life. He has once stated, in his world of art, "I am god, passion is my disciple, and repression my antichirst". In the realm of art, Ho becomes a master of his own creations, a power, an energy, where is subjects become a muse - puppets for him to manipulate and exploit allowing the viewer to empathize.

Despite listening to his own inner voice, external influences have also greatly inspired David Ho. Early in his career, his mentors included H. R. Giger (, fantasy painter Michael Parkes and fantasy illustrator Michael Whelan ( Other art movements that tickled his fancy include Surrealist and Northern Renaissance art. Today Ho greatly admires the works of Odd Nedrum ( and the illustrations of John Jude Palencar. It's quite interesting to note that even though Ho is a digital artist, most of his influences are traditional ones.