The Art of Roel Wielinga

I have been described as a "DREAMER", which I suppose is as good a description of me as I can think of. My illustrated art are a composite of my dreams, an inner world…a place where adventure, romance, and beauty are a reality. It's a place where I can immerse my soul and be myself. Portrait, Fantasy, Realism, and Science Fiction Art has always been a big part of my life.  

I've always been drawn to the EXOTIC…born in Djakarta, Java, Indonesia in 1950 to a globe-hopping DUTCH Couple allowed me to travel to many different countries and experience many different cultures. It was quite an education. 

Eventually we immigrated to the United States when I was nine. Being in America gave me many opportunities, including a 20-year hitch in the U.S. Air Force, assigned as an artist/illustrator…and you thought all we do is fly. Though I'm a mostly self-thought artist, my time in the Air Force extended my artistic education and gave me a firm foundation as a Portrait Artist and Fantasy/Science-Fiction Artist. 

Once retired from the military, it was time to evolve into the private sector and live my dream as a PORTRAIT ARTIST, and FANTASY/SCIENCE FICTION ARTIST. After many conventions and various odd jobs, a good friend of mine, Troy Greene, introduced me to Robb Horran from SIRIUS Entertainment who in turn gave me my first "civilian" artist opportunity. Robb published a story of mine, which was totally done from a visual standpoint with no words used…that was bold of him. He put forth my work in a book immodestly titled "ROEL". Next was a small story in the second issue of "Crypt of Dawn", also published by Sirius. Then came an entire mini-series, blending elements of Fantasy Art, Science-Fiction Art and sword and sorcery with "THE SEVENTH SYSTEM".  

I now manage my own studio, Studio De Phantasm in Thomson, Georgia, and I'm working on making it as successful as my career has been so far in Portrait Art and Fantasy/Science Fiction art. Currently, I'm working with Paradigm, Scrybe Press, Mystic Eye Games and illustrated such game books titled Song of the Deep: Under Sea of Ishamark  and Song of the Deep: Under Sea of Ishamark  © 2003.  

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