The Fantasy Art of Lorenzo Sperlonga


From 1992 to 1993 he works with VALLARDI Publishing for kid-oriented fairy tales comic book “Tiramolla” and for the TV magazine SATELLITE painting cover illustrations and caricatures .
1994 marks the beginning of his career as a pin up illustrator: he has the chance to paint his first cover for SKORPIO published by EURA one of the biggest comics publisher in Italy: since then several covers every year appears in the Italian newsstands. In the same year he also started his work with PLAYMEN COMIX and other titles in the adult industry.
In 1995 he painted illustrations  for PLAYBOY and PENTHOUSE in their italian editions.
During the 90’ he also collaborates with AIRONE, FARMTOONS, MATITA ANIMATA, MUSICARTOON for different animation features as a production designer and background painter.

In 1995 in Los Angeles, he meets HEAVY METAL publisher Kevin Eastman
and together discuss the possibilities of his working in the American Market.
Five years later his first cover for Heavy Metal is out in the U.S.

In 1998, Lorenzo moves in Los Angeles and he starts working  constantly for Larry Flynt Publications, painting illustrations. There, he draws and paints  his very first comic: ANGEL BABY. Seven burning pages of highly erotic contents written by Bruce David. Still today, his illustrations appear periodically in HUSTLER.
In the meantime he’s still working at different animation projects in Europe for Farmtoons and selling his paintings to Skorpio and Lanciostory in Italy. Also, he has not forgotten his first calling of graphic designer and he starts to collaborate and design for a big exotic fashion company in Hollywood: FORPLAY.

At the end of 1999 he gets in contact with Jim Pinto of AEG (Alderac Entertainment Group) and he start a massive production of illustrations for fantasy and western card games. In the meantime, NBM publishes one of his paintings for the cover of SIZZLE.

With the new millennium Dreamstone starts publishing posters of his artwork
in Australia.
A second cover is published for HEAVY METAL  which also features one of Lorenzo’s paintings in the calendar 2002
A very important collaboration begins in 2001 with AVALANCHE PRESS: Mike Bennighof asks him to paint a cover for the fantasy game GREENLAND. From there, he becomes the main cover artist for Avalanche.
He paints also RAGNAROK which in 2002 receives a nomination at the Origin Awards as best artwork.

In 2002 Heavy Metal dedicates a Gallery to his work, publishes a third cover and starts printing posters of his pin-up girls.

Spring 2002 starts a collaboration with Tamara Bane Gallery in Los Angeles, Calendar and Posters for Heavy Metal and more...

Fall 2002 MG PUBLISHING  releases world-wide his first book: “THE ART OF LORENZO SPERLONGA” (distributed by SQP in U.S.A.)
Winter 2003 Lorenzo begins his collaboration with ECHO GALLERY in Chicago,
while he continues to work for LFP.
In February 2003 , VERONIKA KOTLAJIC poses for his two paintings commissioned by MG for the covers (double edition) of the first issue of the new magazine ARTCORE.

Spring 2003 GO STICK IT! starts a new production of stickers and prints  of Lorenzo’s  artwork.